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Returns & Cancellation Policy


Returns is a scheme provided by respective sellers directly under this policy in terms of which the option of exchange, replacement and/ or refund is offered by the respective sellers to you. All products listed under a particular category may not have the same returns policy. For all products, the returns/replacement policy provided on the product page shall prevail over the general returns policy. Do refer to the respective item’s applicable return/replacement policy on the product page for any exceptions to this returns policy and the table below

The return policy is divided into three parts; Do read all sections carefully to understand the conditions and cases under which returns will be accepted.

Part 1 – Category, Return Window and Actions possible


Returns Window, Actions Possible and Conditions (if any)

Medical Devices

10 days

Refund, replacement or exchange

Pain Solutions (Braces etc)

10 days

Refund or replacement

Mobility Aids

10 days

Refund, replacement or exchange

Ayurvedic Products

5 days


Organic F&B

7 days

Refund or replacement

No Returns categories

Some products in the above categories are not returnable due to their nature or other reasons. For all products, the policy on the product page shall prevail.


Part 2 – Returns Pick-Up and Processing

In case of returns where you would like item(s) to be picked up from a different address, the address can only be changed if pick-up service is available at the new address

During pick-up, your product will be checked for the following conditions:



Correct Product

IMEI/ name/ image/ brand/ serial number/ article number/ bar code should match and MRP tag should be undetached and clearly visible.

Complete Product

All in-the-box accessories (like remote control, starter kits, instruction manuals, chargers, headphones, etc.), freebies and combos (if any) should be present.

Unused Product

The product should be unused, unwashed, unsoiled, without any stains and with non-tampered quality check seals/return tags/warranty seals (wherever applicable). Before returning a Mobile/ Laptop/ Tablet, the device should be formatted and Screen Lock (Pin, Pattern or Fingerprint) must be disabled. iCloud lock must be disabled for Apple devices.

Undamaged Product

The product (including SIM trays/ charging port/ headphone port, back-panel etc.) should be undamaged and without any scratches, dents, tears or holes.

Undamaged Packaging

Product’s original packaging/ box should be undamaged.

The field executive will refuse to accept the return if any of the above conditions are not met.

For any products for which a refund is to be given, the refund will be processed once the returned product has been received by the seller.

Part 3 – General Rules for a successful Return

In certain cases where the seller is unable to process a replacement for any reason whatsoever, a refund will be given.

During open box deliveries, while accepting your order, if you received a different or a damaged product, you will be given a refund (on the spot refunds for cash-on-delivery orders). Once you have accepted an open box delivery, no return request will be processed, except for manufacturing defects. In such cases, this category-specific replacement/return general conditions will be applicable

For products where installation is provided by Fifty5Plus’s service partners, do not open the product packaging by yourself. Fifty5Plus authorised personnel shall help in unboxing and installation of the product.

Wrong Delivery – (Customer received delivery message, product not delivered):

‘In case the product was not delivered and you received a delivery confirmation email/SMS, report the issue within 7 days from the date of delivery confirmation for the seller to investigate.’


In certain cases, the following eventualities may arise:

The buyer placed the order but the seller cancelled it.

The buyer placed the order but later cancels it or refuses to accept it.

Let us understand the payment system involved in a particular sale transaction on Fifty5Plus.

The buyer pays for the total order value. It includes the item value, the marketplace fee, commission fee, collection fee, fixed fee, shipping fee, and the taxes. Ideally, the seller received the total item value after taxes and marketplace fee deductibles.

Buyer cancellation

If the buyer placed an order and cancels it before the seller could mark it RTD or Ready to Deliver, and in case where the full amount has already been paid by the buyer, the full amount is refunded to the buyer. Even the tax is automatically reversed.

In such a scenario, the seller neither receives any amount nor does he bear any cost.

The same principle applies when the order is in RTO or Return to Origin.

What happens if the seller cancels an order?

Cancellation before marking RTD or product not handed over to logistics partner post marking RTD even after multiple pickup attempts attracts fees from the seller. The simple reason for the same is that at the time of a buyer placing an order, the seller expects certain services from Fifty5Plus. On cancellation, not only does the act bring disrepute to the selling portal, it also makes the buyer lose confidence in Fifty5Plus as well as its authorised sellers.

How is the payment calculated for Cancelled Orders?

Such cancellation affects the business of both, the seller, as well as Fifty5Plus.

If the seller cancels the order after marking RTD, the portal cancels the order if the pickup is not made successfully even after three attempts. Since the fault is on the part of the seller on non delivery of the product, Fifty5Plus considers it as seller cancellation. However, the seller cannot cancel such a product from the system himself. The same is initiated by Fifty5Plus. In such a case, the seller’s account is charged a cancellation fee in addition to related taxes. The same is much higher than the charge on the seller for cancellation before marking a product RTD.

Seller cancellations do have an adverse impact on the seller and Fifty5Plus. A seller, in order to improve their ratings on the portal, as well as to increase customer satisfaction, should put in all efforts to ensure that returns and cancellations are minimised by delivering top quality products well within the time frame.

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