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Membership Policy

There are two types of memberships: Registered Member & Fifty5+ Club Member

Registered Member

A registered member is a user who has registered on Fifty5Plus website with the intent of purchasing any of our products or services. A user is required to register on our website prior to making any purchase. No registration is required for a user to browse through our website.

During the registration process, we ask the user for some basic personal information, which are governed by our Such mandatory information we collect during the registration process include, User ID, Password, Name, Age, Address, eMail address, Mobile # etc. Other information such as Credit/Debit Card information is optional.

A registered member is entitled to many benefits, including accumulating Loyalty points for every purchase. We may from time-to-time also send emails to the user with sales & promotional offers, new product introductions etc.

Fifty5+ Club Member

Membership to Fifty5+ Club is a paid membership, which is paid annually. Please visit for more details.

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