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    Curd (Plant-based) – Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad & Mumbai only

    100% Vegan | Preservative Free | Protein Rich.

    Peanut Curd! If you dislike peanuts, this product isn’t for you, just like peanut butter isn’t for you. Just like good taste isn’t for you. Sorry, that got a bit personal!

    However, if you like curd, this is definitely for you.

    Made with peanuts, water, live cultures and nothing else, it’s essentially the better curd. It’s packed with nutrients and is rich in probiotics, making it the perfect companion for any meal. Whether it’s dips, dressings, curd rice, chaat or curries, this thick, creamy curd is perfect for all your curd needs. The added bonus? It’s completely plant-based and has nothing to do with cows!

    100% Plant-based | 0% Compromise

    Weight per tub: 500 gm


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    Mylk (No Sugar)

    100% Vegan | Lactose free | Preservative Free

    We’ve had a lot of people asking us for this. So, we figured, “sure, no sugar”! It’s mylk, minus the sugar. No sugar at all. Not even a pinch.

    You can use it just like you’d mylk! It works just as well. Don’t tell our mylk we said that though. We don’t want to start an in-house rivalry!

    So, try it out. Cook with it, bake with it, or just pair it with some chocolate cookies. The best part? It does all that without even a pinch of sugar. Have we mentioned that before?

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    Premium Butter (Salted, Cultured) – Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad & Mumbai only

    100% Vegan | Cultured | Lactose free | Preservative free

    One Good Mylk’s premium butter is rich in flavour and great for cooking and baking. Importantly, this is one of the cleanest label plant-based butters around. Our butter undergoes a delicate culturing process to yield mouthwatering flavours.

    Indulge in the very best of plant-based. 100% taste, 100% health. 

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    Diabliss Diabetic Friendly Millet Cookies with Chia Seeds 150g Box

    Healthy snacks for diabetics are few in number and difficult to find. That’s why Diabliss has launched a low glycemic index snack that can help patients with prediabetes and diabetes to maintain optimal blood glucose levels. Diabliss Millet Cookies with Chia Seeds are packed with the goodness of vitamins, essential nutrients, a perfect crunchy texture and lip-smacking taste. It’s everything that a diabetic’s heart and health desire. All of this at a glycemic index as low as 20!

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    Normalife™ Oats Puffs – Lemony Chatpata Snack

    Normalife™ Healthy Snack Oats Puffs is a combination of health and taste. Oats have been proven to help reduce cholesterol and stabilise blood sugar levels. This nutrient-rich super grain contains important vitamins and minerals such as manganese, magnesium, zinc, iron and selenium – making it great for overall wellness and immune health.

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    Diabliss Jaggery Reusable Jar (750 gm) – Pack of 2

    DiaBliss offers Diabetes Jar 1kg sugar – which is excellent for controlling blood sugar. Diabliss Herbal Sugar has created a revolution by launching the world’s 1st low glycemic index sugar. This herbal sugar is a diabetic friendly product that can be consumed by diabetes patients, prediabetics and health conscious individuals. Comprehensive testing and scientific clinical trials have proven that Diabliss Herbal Sugar is ideal for diabetics as it doesn’t cause an unhealthy surge in blood sugar levels. Diabliss Product is sugar free for diabetics, people can make the best sugar-free food that they desire like desserts, beverages, etc. without feeling guilty and maintaining good health.

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    Normalife™ Papaya Lemon With Chia Seeds Bread Spread (Vegan)

    Papaya Lemon With Chia Seeds Bread Spread is made from all natural 100% Vegan ingredients. Its special formulation makes it easy to spread on any soft bread, without breaking the bread. Diabetic Friendly (no Added sugar).

    Contains natural, red, fleshy Papaya pulp and Chia seeds.

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    Normalife™ Guava Chilli With Chia Seeds Bread Spread (Vegan)

    Guava Chilli Healthy Fruit Spread is made from all natural 100% Vegan ingredients. Its special formulation makes it easy to spread on any soft bread, without breaking the bread. 

    Delicately crafted with the goodness of ripe and sweet Guava pulp and Chia seeds

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    Premium Mixed Masala Nuts (200 gm) – Bangalore Only

    Low-carb Roasted nuts & seeds with immunity boosting ingredients.

    Ingredients: Almonds, Walnuts, Cashew nuts, Sunflower seeds, Ghee, and Himalayan salt.

    Contains 8% Carbs, 11.4% Protein and 81% Fats.

    This item is Made to Order and stores well for 5 days in an airtight container.


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    Diabliss Diabetic Friendly Sugar Bulk Bag – Low Glycemic Index (GI) (200 gm, 1/2 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg)

    Diabliss Herbal Sugar is a natural sweetener – it is much better! This is the world’s 1st low glycemic index cane sugar. It is clinically proven to be safe for consumption by diabetics and prediabetics because it doesn’t rapidly elevate blood glucose. Diabliss Herbal Sugar gives a sweet taste and sugar free for diabetics without any bitter consequences.

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    Diabetic Friendly Low GI Mixed Fruit Jam 225g

    Diabetic Friendly Mixed Fruit Jam is made from fresh nutritious fruits. It can make every breakfast or snack a delicious treat. Sweetened with Diabliss cane sugar – result of 10 years of extensive research, Diabliss Mixed Fruit jam can be enjoyed by all, including diabetics and pre-diabetics. 

    Besides being a low GI food, this healthy diabetic jam is rich in anti-oxidants that are derived from herbal extracts. The herbal extract used in Diabliss diabetic mixed fruit jam is made from several herbs and spices such as black pepper, turmeric, fenugreek, ginger, pomegranate, and gooseberry. There are many health benefits associated with each of these herbs.

    Yummy, fruity taste and spreads evenly on bread and rotis.

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    Vegan mozzarella cheese – 300 gm | Melty

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    Vanilla Protein Powder (Vegan)

    100% Vegan | Lactose Free | Preservative Free | Ships Nationwide

    One Good Pure Plant Protein (Vanilla) delivers 28gm of nutritionally superior plant-based protein, along with 14.2gm of EAAs and 6.5gm of BCAAs per serving.

    We’ve designed this unique blend of pea, brown rice and mung bean protein to work with your daily routine. 

    Our delicious no-bloating formula is free from dairy, soy, gluten and cholesterol. It can be added to smoothies, baked goods or incorporated into your post-workout regimen. Why not make a delightful mylkshake out of it?

    Available in different sizes – 500 gm (14 scoops), 1 kg (28 scoops), 3 kg (84 scoops) and 6 kg (168 scoops) packages

    1 Scoop – 36 gms

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    Grain Free & Gluten Free Banana Nut Bread (1 loaf) – Bangalore Only

    Gluten Free. Grain Free. All the benefits of Walnuts.

    Rich and moist banana bread with all the goodness of Walnuts and Bananas.

    Contains 19.7% Carbs, 8.2% Protein and 74.7% Fats.

    Ingredients: Walnuts, Bananas, Almonds, Olive oil, Honey, White wine vinegar, baking powder, Baking soda, Himalayan Salt

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    Low Carb Flaxseed Crackers (12 pc) – Bangalore Only

    Low Carb. Protein Rich.

    Excellent on-the-go nutrition option either to eat it by itself or combine it with cheese boards or with dips.

    Contains 7.4% Carbs, 14.4% Protein and 74% Fats.

    Ingredients: Almonds, Flaxseeds, Chia seeds, Dried mixed herbs, Himalayan Salt

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    Diabliss Diabetic Friendly Low Glycemic Index (GI) Jaggery Powder Reusable Jar

    Diabliss Jaggery Powder

    Diabliss has created a revolution by launching the world’s 1st low glycemic index sugar. Diabliss has now extended this innovation to jaggery powder. Many consumers these days are preferring jaggery to cane sugar but are also concerned with blood sugar rise, hygiene, and ease of use.


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