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    Red Rice (1 kg)

    Red rice derives this eye-grabbing colour from a component called anthocyanin and has nutrients like apigenin, myricetin, and quercetin. The red husk coating makes this rice loaded with the goodness of nature. It is enriched with antioxidants and magnesium. It helps control diabetes, prevents asthma, improves oxygen consumption, helps in digestion, prevents heart problems and reduces fatigue. Red rice can be used to make red rice dosa, khichdi, pongal, puttu, puttarisi, payasa, etc.

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    Diabetic Rice (1 kg)

    Diabetic Rice / Diana rice is a parboiled rice, rich in Vitamins and Minerals. It is called diabetice rice, as it is immensely beneficial for diabetes. Its high fibre content with low glycemic index makes it ideal for people with diabetes. Unlike refined white rice, this par boiled red rice retains the vitamin E rich oil between the bran and endosperm. Because of the bran’s high fibre content, Diana rice has a rough, nutty texture. Low glycemic index. Rich in antioxidants. Packed with vitamins and minerals Diana rice is ideal for diet conscious and diabetic people. Being low glycemic index it releases sugar slowly into the blood stream.

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    Rajmudi Rice (1 kg)

    Rajamudi, is a variety of red rice that was earlier grown exclusively for the “Wadiyars” – the maharajas of Mysore. It is a rich source of dietary fiber, antioxidants and iron. It is unpolished, and naturally comes in a beautiful red and brown pattern.

    Rajmudi rice is sourced directly from small scale farmers. It’s much easier to digest, promotes weight loss. It lowers the risk of obesity and helps keep heart disease at bay, controls diabetes, lowers high cholesterol, reduces diabetes and help fight depression. It also controls diabetes and lowers high cholesterol.

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