Diabetes Reversal

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    Diabetes 360° Assessment

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered comprehensive diagnostic panel that looks at both predictive and current health indicators to provide a detailed & personalized analysis.

    The test comprises 150+ parameters & measurements to help you understand:

    • State of health specifically around lifestyle disorders and the extent of disease
    • State of your risk towards metabolic disorders like Inflammation, Insulin Resistance & Cholesterol Imbalances
    • Impact of your lifestyle choices like nutrition, fitness, stress, sleep quality and circadian rhythm alignment 

    What’s included – 

    • Doorstep blood and urine sample collection for the test 
    • A detailed report with analysis & interpretation by experts 
    • A follow-up consultation with our in-house doctors 

    Available in most major cities in India. Enquire now to check availability in your city.

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    Diabetes Reversal Kickstarter

    Currently available only in Bangalore.

    Kickstart your Diabetes Reversal journey with our 10-Day program.  This program is designed to put you back on a path of good health and help you chart your reversal journey!

    What’s included – 

    • Smart Health & Risk Assessment (Diagnostics) at home
    • Tasty, therapeutic food delivered to your doorstep, 3 times a day
    • Daily online Exercise, Yoga & Meditation sessions
    • Access to in-house Diabetologists for unlimited consultation sessions
    • Personalized Diabetes Reversal Roadmap discussion with our Health Counsellor
    • Dedicated Coach & access to interactive mobile app

    We are confident this program will work wonders for you and if you are not satisfied, we commit to return your money. No questions asked!

    Request a call back to know more.
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