Disease Reversal

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    Health 360° Assessment

    An AI powered comprehensive diagnostic panel that looks at both predictive and current health indicators to provide a detailed & personalized analysis.

    The test comprises 150+ parameters & measurements to help you understand:

    • State of health specifically around lifestyle disorders and the extent of disease
    • State of your risk towards metabolic disorders like Inflammation, Insulin Resistance & Cholesterol Imbalances
    • Impact of your lifestyle choices like nutrition, fitness, stress, sleep quality and circadian rhythm alignment 

    What’s included – 

    • Doorstep blood and urine sample collection for the test 
    • A detailed report with analysis & interpretation by experts 
    • A follow-up consultation with our in-house doctors

    Available in most major cities in India. Enquire now to check availability in your city.

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    Health Restore Kickstarter

    Kickstart your Health Restore Journey with our 10-day program.
    Overcome Lifestyle Health Conditions such as Obesity, PCOS, Hypertension & Cardiovascular Risks to kickstart your journey towards a better health!
    Request a call back to know more.
    Currently available only in Bangalore.
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