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    Om Shanthi (Wax Free) Pure Cow Ghee Diya (100 Diyas) – Pack of 2

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    Handmade Jackfruit wood Koorma Asana/Koorma Peeta

    The stains and mark on the peeta are the natural grains and textures of wood and is unique to each peetam.

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    IRIS Reed Diffuser Orange Blossom Fragrance (set)

    Evoke pleasant emotions and give your home a sense of calmness with our aesthetically designed reed diffuser set.

    Box contains 1 Ceramic Diffuser pot, 6 reed sticks, 60 ml Diffuser Oil bottle of Orange Blossom Fragrance.

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    IRIS Amogha Reed Diffuser Lavender Fragrance

    A complete starter kit or a great gift item, Evoke pleasant emotions and give your home a sense of calmness with our aesthetically designed reed diffuser set.

    The box contains 1 attractive pot, 8 nos 10” long Reed sticks ,100 ml Lavender Fragrance Diffuser Oil. Cork is attached to the neck of the jar with a jute string.

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    IRIS Reed Diffuser Lemongrass Fragrance

    A complete starter kit for a great gift item.

    The box contains an attractive 1 Ceramic pot, 8 Reed sticks, and 60 ml Lemongrass Fragrance Diffuser Oil.

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    Cycle Jumbo Cup Sambrani Pack of 4 (16 pc)

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    Cycle Speciality Yagna Agarbatti with Sandal, Resin, Masala, Floral, Bouquet Fragrances – Pack of 2 (312 sticks)

    This is a meticulous blend of pure and natural ingredients, set up the right ambience to invoke the divine grace of Agnidev.

    Contains 312 incense sticks with assortment of fragrances to awaken your inner core.

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    Soulveda Kraftz Jackfruit Wood Mukkali Manai Abhisheka Peeta/ Traditional Mukkali Stool / Puja Stand Stool

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    Laundry Detergent (500 ml)

    With its unique non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-poisonous properties, Tropical Dew Laundry Detergent is your best solution for clean and soft clothes. Specially formulated with coconut oil, this detergent will treat the nastiest of stains in the most hard-to-reach places (collars, cuffs, etc.). The days of living with dirty, toxic, and germ-ridden clothes are now over.

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    Pure Guggal Dhoop

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    Myrrh Agarbatti (40 gm)

    Myrrh gum, like frankincense, is a resin. This fragrance was used in places of worship to help purify the air and prevent the spread of contagious diseases, including those caused by bacteria in olden days. In addition to its pleasant, warm, and earthy scent, myrrh oil may also have several health benefits. Studies suggest that it may help kill harmful bacteria, parasites, and other microbes. It may also support oral health, help heal skin sores, and ease pain and swelling.

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    Neem & Tulsi Fabric Conditioner (0.45 ltr – 0.9 ltr)

    Worried about protecting your family from harmful bacteria & germs? Tropical Dew Neem & Tulsi Fabric Conditioner is a formulation made with the goodness of Neem and Tulsi which kills 99% of bacteria in just one wash. Our plant based Palm Oil, makes your clothes super soft and feel brand new with every wash. For long-lasting protection, our plant-based formula creates a protective anti-bacterial shield over your clothes to make you feel safe and fresh all day.

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    Fabric Conditioner (0.45 ltr – 0.9 ltr)

    Are your clothes looking dull and dry? Switch to Tropical Dew Fabric Conditioner with Anti-Static Technology that not only makes your clothes super soft & fresh but it also minimizes the static charge in them which prevents the accumulation of dust. Make the right choice not just for your clothes, but for your delicate skin and the environment.

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    Liquid Detergent (0.45 ltr – 0.9 ltr)

    Say goodbye to tough stains and dull clothes with Tropical Dew Liquid Detergent. Our special plant-based formula makes your clothes feel super soft while being very gentle on your delicate clothes and skin. Enriched with the goodness of Citric acid & Coconut, our detergent disinfects and breaks down stubborn stains in just one wash. With every wash, make your clothes look brand new along with the aroma of lavender to keep you fresh all day. 

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    IRIS Lavender Fragrance Agarbathi & Vaporizer (Combo Pack)

    This Lavender Fragrance set of Agarbathi & Vaporizer is a perfect gift for any one to express your love and to show you care.

    This gift set contains: 20 incense sticks (Agarbathi), 10 incense cones (Dhoopa), 10 ml Vaporizer Oil, 3 Tea lights, 1 Vaporizer and 1 incense stick holder.

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    IRIS Celeste French Lavender Fragrance Vaporizer

    IRIS Celeste luxury range of French Lavender Fragrance Vaporizer creates a great aroma in the room when added to water and heated from the bottom.

    Contains:  Gradient cut Ceramic Vaporizer, 2 Tea lights and 15 ml French Lavender Fragrance oil.

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