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    The Functional Knee Support provides support & stability to the knee

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    The Knee Cap provides supports to the knee to keep you in action

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    Back Buddy Senior (For Back and Neck Pain Relief)

    Total orthopaedic support for aching Lowerback and Neck.

    Transval Back Buddy Senior is a useful appliance for Offices, Automobiles, Cars, Buses, Homes, and Hospitals for support of lower back and neck and relieve pain.It’s ideal for relief from back pains due to Disc Prolapse, Vertebral Fracture, Degenerative lumbar Disease, Osteoporosis, Paget’s disease, Occupational Backache, Soft Tissue Affliction, Cervical Disc Disorders, Cervical Stenosis, Osteoarthritis, Injury etc.

    Manufactured from vibration and energy absorbing, polyurethane foam with spring steel vertical and horizontal wire frame.

    Product Weight: 5.8 Kg

    Product Dimensions: 48.26 cm x 7.62 cm x 71.12 cm

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    Supports the clavicle & promotes its healing

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    3D color design with anti slipping technology to support the knee and keep you in action

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    SandPuppy Backbrace Support – For Lower Back Pain Relief and Injury Prevention

    SandPuppy Backbrace Support is ideal for people who need firm support for the lower back for back pain, back injuries, muscle stiffness or certain medical conditions such as herniated disc & scoliosis. It also prevents low back injuries while bending or lifting heavy items.

    • Ideal support for everyday back pain relief and injury prevention
    • Ideal for senior citizens
    • Optimum Compression 
    • Ideal Cushioning
    • Universal Size: 35 – 44 inches .
    • Premium material
    • 1 Year Manufacturer’s warranty
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    SandPuppy Hinged Open Patella KneeBrace (Adjustable)

    For Knee Pain Relief, Injury Recovery, Sports & Gym Use.

    • EFFECTIVE KNEE PAIN RELIEF – Contoured open patella design keeps patella in proper alignment & takes off the pressure from knee cap. This helps in faster knee pain relief for people with chronic knee pain & for those who are recovering from knee injuries.
    • MULTIPURPOSE KNEE SUPPORT – SandPuppy Kneebrace is suitable for all moderate sports, gym, weight lifting, injury recovery as well as for chronic knee pain relief.
    • STRONG & FLEXIBLE SIDE SUPPORT – It has strong yet flexible hinges on both sides providing adequate support & stabilization. This is very useful for senior citizens as well for injury recovery.
    • ADJUSTABLE STRAPS – These knee braces have three adjustable straps with hook & loop closure to provide effective compression. This also makes it very easy to use even for senior citizens.
    • PREMIUM MATERIALS –  Made with soft breathable neoprene lycra material which is super comfortable to wear for long hours. It drains off the sweat & hence can be used for long hours even in hot & humid weather.
    • It comes as a single piece (pack of 1).
    • 1 YEAR WARRANTY – All SandPuppy products come with a one year replacement warranty. Register your product with SandPuppy customer service to claim your warranty.
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    SandPuppy Backbrace Contoured Lumbar SupportBelt

    • Ideal for rigid immobilisation, chronic back pain and back injuries
    • Firm Support
    • Soft Cushioning at all touch points
    • Suitable for Men and Women of all age Groups
    • Universal Size
    • Soft, Sweat and Stain resistant material – can be worn over or under the clothes
    • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
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    Ankle Binder

    Provides support to the ankle & keeps you in action.

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    Silicone Anti-Crack Heel Protector

    Provides cushion and reduces pressure on the heel to relieve pain.

    • Scientifically designed to reduce friction and pressure on dry, hard, cracked, dull and painful heels
    • Ideal for Heel pain, Plantar fasciitis, Calcanea spur, Ankle, knee and Foot pain 
    • Provides shock absorption, cushioning, anti-slip
    • Can be worn any time of the day & with all types of footwear
    • Breathable, made from latex-free material
    • Long lasting and skin friendly material
    • Universal size, one size fits all (men and women)
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    Cervical Collar With Chin Support

    Supports & provides stability to the neck to relieve pain

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    Transval Lumbar Sacral Belt (Contoured)

    Lumbar Sacral Belt (contoured) is ideal for low back pain caused by joint disorder, postural muscle imbalance in the lumber spine and Post discectomy syndrome.

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    Transval Lumbar Sacral Belt

    Lumbar Sacral Belt is ideal for low back pain caused by joint disorder, postural muscle imbalance in the lumber spine and Post discectomy syndrome.

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    Transval Knee Cap

    • Constructed of a light weight, breathable material which make it comfortable to wear, thus improving patient compliance and therapeutic result.
    • A tabular knitted knee cap.
    • Stretched knitted material allow for targeted compression above and below knee.
    • Provides relief of the irritated joint and improves blood flow to the soft tissue areas surrounding the joint by producing a onstant compression and massaging action during patient movement.
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    Transval Acid Reflux Wedge (With Contour Cervical Pillow)

    For Acid reflux disease (GERD), respiratory discomfort at night

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    Transval Abdominal Binder

    • The Abdominal Belt is ideally suited for vertical and horizontal incisions of lower, middle and upper abdomen.
    • The belt is recommended in cases of pregnancy, post operative support and in other cases of abdominal surgery.
    • Made from ventilated elastic which facilities air flow.
    • Double elastic for firm support.
    • Anatomical pre-shaped splints
    • Customisable support and skin friendly fabric.
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