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    SandPuppy Coolpad (For Muscle Soreness)

    Large Cold Packs for Muscle injury, sprains & Back Pain. Works on large muscle groups such as Quadriceps, Hamstrings and Back muscles.

    It is useful not only for heavy trainers but also for senior citizens after accustomed exercise routines including Yoga.

    • 3 gel pack Cooling pad
    • 3X more Cold Energy, 3X More Compression, 3X more effective
    • Optimized for cold therapy (4 -14 Deg C) for fastest recovery
    • Designed to operate in the ideal recovery temperature range for 45 minutes
    • No “cold burn”
    • Unique strap mechanism. Stays firmly in place for effective recovery
    • Patented, Thin “non-freeze” and Non-toxic gel for better body contact
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    SandPuppy Coldstrap (For Joint Pain Relief)

    Sandpuppy Coldstrap is a cold therapy strap to reduce pain in joints and small muscle groups post any form of exercise. It reduces inflammation in muscle groups around the joints to aids in healing of muscle tissues.

    • Reduces joint and muscle inflammation, fatigue and aids in injury recovery. 
    • Ideal for joint pains and sprains. Reduces inflammation.
    • Operates at ideal temperature, longer.
    • Recommended by sports trainers to lower muscle temperature after exercise, including Yoga
    • Ideal for runners, gym goers, weightlifters, athletes, and Yoga practitioners
    • Elderly Friendly – does not “burn” skin.
    • Reusable cold gel pack in a scuba pack and Velcro strap.
    • Super Soft fabric with velcro straps for good fit
    • Operates at ideal recovery temperature range of 4-14℃ (39-53 ℉) for 40-45 minutes
    • Anti-Freeze – remains flexible even after cooling
    • Non-Toxic Gel & Leak Resistant
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Showing all 2 results