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    SandPuppy Heatwrap (Multipurpose Electric Heat Pad)

    Multi-purpose Electric heat pad/wrap for Back, Shoulder, Elbow, Knee and all kinds for relief of muscle and joint pains.

    • Instant Plug and Heat
    • Adjustable heat settings
    • Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) based heat
    • Multipurpose usage – back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, ankle and elbow pain relief
    • Ideal for age-related chronic pains affecting elderly
    • Dimension: 30 cm x 18 cm x 7 cm
    • Light Weight: 570 gm
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    SandPuppy Zest Infrared Heatwrap

    SandPuppy Zest Infrared Heat Wrap is a:

    • Multipurpose Electric Heat Wrap for Legs, Arms, Shoulder, Ankle & Elbow.
    • 44 inch in length and fits most body parts/sizes
    • 3 stage temperature setting for added comfort
    • Long, slim and flexible design wraps easily around many areas of the body
    • 1-Year manufacturer’s warranty
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    SandPuppy Strappr Heat Pad (Medium) – Rechargeable Battery Operated

    Recommended for elderly people with chronic knee pain and joint pain. Arthritic pain can be relieved by 30-60 minutes of heat therapy. Improved blood flow and warmth reduces pain considerably. Unique Strap Design Heating Pad which can be used for all joints, neck and shoulder.

    • Battery Operated – can be charged with any USB mobile charger
    • Infrared based heat therapy – penetrates deeper and relieves pain faster
    • Unique design – Heating pad moulded to fit around all joints and a velcro strap to hold firmly in place.
    • Wireless and lightweight – easy to carry and use anywhere
    • Adjustable heat level Low: 45°C, Medium: 55°C, High: 65°C
    • Fully charged battery can lasts for more than an hour
    • Covered with a 12-Month Manufacturer’s Replacement Warranty
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