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    SandPuppy HeatPad Go (Without Power Adapter)

    SandPuppy HeatPad is a multipurpose electric heating pad that relieves knee pain, ankle pain, calf pain, back pain, and shoulder pain by providing targeted heat therapy.

    It can be used to relieve pain from muscle injury & spasms, arthritis, meniscus tear, sports injury, or general fatigue.

    Recommended for elderly people with chronic knee pain and joint pain, extremely safe to use.

    Large area heating pad of size 9 x 12.5 inches makes it suitable for various body types.

    Requires 5V 2A power source at all times (power bank, A/C USB power adaptor, computer or a car USB port).

    Does not contain in-built battery.

    Power Adapter is NOT included.

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    SandPuppy Zest Infrared Heatwrap

    Multipurpose Electric Heating Band for Leg, Arms, Shoulder, Ankle & Elbow.

    SandPuppy Zest Infrared Heating Wrap is 44 inch in length and fits most body parts/sizes.

    Its long, slim and flexible design wraps easily around many areas of the body such as the back, neck, elbow, wrist, ankle, leg and arm, providing targeted pain relief.

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    SandPuppy Strappr Medium (Heat Pad)

    Recommended for elderly people with chronic knee pain and joint pain. Arthritic pain can be relieved by 30-60 minutes of heat therapy. Improved blood flow and warmth reduces pain considerably. Wireless, Unique Strap Design Heating Pad which can be used for all joints, neck and shoulder.

    • Battery Operated – can be charged with any USB mobile charger
    • Infrared based heat therapy – penetrates deeper and relieves pain faster
    • Unique design – Heating pad moulded to fit around all joints and a velcro strap to hold firmly in place.
    • Wireless and lightweight – easy to carry and use anywhere
    • Adjustable heat level Low: 45°C, Medium: 55°C, High: 65°C
    • Fully charged battery can lasts for more than an hour
    • Covered with a 12-Month Replacement Warranty
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Showing all 3 results