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Diabetes Reversal Kickstarter
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Diabetes Reversal Kickstarter


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Kickstart your Diabetes Reversal journey with our 10-Day program.  This program is designed to put you back on a path of good health and help you chart your reversal journey!

What’s included – 

  • Smart Health & Risk Assessment (Diagnostics) at home
  • Tasty, therapeutic food delivered to your doorstep, 3 times a day
  • Daily online Exercise, Yoga & Meditation sessions
  • Access to in-house Diabetologists for unlimited consultation sessions
  • Personalized Diabetes Reversal Roadmap discussion with our Health Counsellor
  • Dedicated Coach & access to interactive mobile app

We are confident this program will work wonders for you and if you are not satisfied, we commit to return your money. No questions asked!

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Diabetes Reversal Kickstarter Program – The pills we consume for various lifestyle health conditions give us a sense that we are in control. However, these pills only manage the symptoms or lessen the velocity of damage. They do not address the root cause – the underlying metabolic imbalance or lack of cellular health or the weakened defense mechanisms. And hence, there is no way that our condition gets better or potentially cured. In fact, over time these health conditions could get worse and impact our health and therefore our lives.

We take a three-pronged approach to address the root causes of Diabetes with the following goals:

  1. Reduce metabolic imbalance and change insulin resistance to sensitivity
  2. Improve cellular health and hence optimize cellular function
  3. Strengthen the defense mechanisms of the body to ensure reduced chances of any disease

Our programs integrate these goal with every aspect of your daily life that impacts diabetes.

Diabetes Reversal Kickstarter Program

Food & Nutrition

We nourish both body and mind to establish harmony. Powered by our AI based platform – ANA (AltLife NutriSmart AI) –
our meals are designed to ensure:

  • Inclusion of the right mix of macro & micro nutrients based on the AltLife Nutrition Approach (LCHF focus) to lower the insulin needed by the body

  • Inclusion of prebiotics and probiotics to strengthen our gut microbiome

  • Inclusion of natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatory nutrients and adaptogens to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation

  • Inclusion of completely organic, unprocessed & toxin-free ingredients to ensure no harmful chemicals and disguised High Fructose Corn Syrup and other harmful additives enter your system

  • Inclusion of the right amount of all  essential nutrients to ensure good health and satisfy the respective Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI)

The program structure ensures that you eat at the right time of the day in sync with your body’s circadian rhythm and ensure effective cellular health maintenance.

Physical Fitness

Scientifically combined routines like aerobic training, strength training, flexibility training, agility training,plyometric, yoga along with meditation to ensure:

Primary imbalances like insulin resistance, increased HbA1c levels, impaired glucose homeostasis, reduced muscle mass, increased fat mass, poor lipid profile, hypertension & increased inflammatory parameters are addressed.

Secondary imbalances like loss of flexibility, balance, strength, altered pain sensations especially in the lower limbs, initiation of degenerative arthritis because of extra weight and poor metabolism, are addressed.

Our coaches and trainers are empanelled with a pedagogy of:

  • Strength and conditioning science

  • Deep understanding of human body movements, biomechanics, anatomy and exercise

  • First aid emergency protocols

  • Mentoring an individual even in a group

All our exercise and yoga routines are well-researched and designed by professionals from the fields of exercise physiology, physiotherapy, yoga and meditation along with inputs from specialist doctors.

Mental Fitness

In addition to physical health, mental health also is a key component of our solution. While we address any stress you face through our meditation focus, we also ensure that every aspect of our solution avoids adding any additional stress on your daily routine.

  • Our curated meditation content relaxes your mind & enables good quality of sleep

  • Our programs are designed for proactive and reactive stress management

  • Seamless blending into your routine

  • Our expert counsellors help you proactively to identify the source of stress in your life and educate you to eliminate them effectively

All our program structures ensure that you get the right amount of sleep in sync with your body’s circadian rhythm.

Behavioural Science

We seamlessly track all the changes and progress that your body undergoes in a transparent method – with regular diagnostics and a highly intuitive app.

Any lifestyle solution is only as effective as it is sustainable. To drive adoption and deliver lasting changes to your lifestyle, every solution component has been thoughtfully reinforced with concepts from behavioural science.

Regular tracking and logging of activities is one such example. Observing continuous changes to your body creates a virtuous cycle of adherence and better outcomes.

Our regular diagnostic tests help you keep track of where you need to improve. At the same time, our early warning indicators help you proactively course correct.

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