Diabliss Herbal Sugarfree Combo
Diabliss Diabetic Friendly Sugar 1 Kg Jar Pack of 4 & Mixed Fruit Jam 250g Bottle – Low Glycemic Index (GI) Diabetic Friendly
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Diabliss Diabetic Friendly Sugar 1 Kg Jar Pack of 4 & Mixed Fruit Jam 250g Bottle – Low Glycemic Index (GI) Diabetic Friendly


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Diabliss Herbal Sugarfree Combo – Sugar – 1 kg Reusable Jar

Diabliss Herbal Sugarfree Combo With Jam – Diabliss Herbal Sugar is the result of 10-years of extensive research and product development efforts. The makers of Diabliss felt the need to create a product that would enrich the lives of diabetics and prediabetics such that they would not have to compromise on their food and certainly not on their lifestyle. With this spirited goal, the company developed the world’s 1st and only low glycemic index sugar that is fit for consumption by diabetics and prediabetics.

Regular or refined sugar is unhealthy in nature and creates metabolic and cardiovascular issues. It is linked with lifestyle diseases like obesity and heart attack. Such diseases cannot only impair a person’s well being but can also be fatal. Reducing sugar consumption can be a solution, but everyone craves delicious food that tends to be high on glycemic index and loaded with sugar. Diabliss Herbal Sugar is a great alternative as it is proven to help moderate blood sugar in diabetics and also reduce the glycemic load of food. Diabetics and prediabetics need not compromise because they can create the best natural sweetener sugar like cakes, halwa, etc. at home by substituting refined sugar with Diabliss Herbal Sugar. If eaten in moderation with regular exercise, diabetics diet chart, it  will be able to maintain good health.

Diabliss Herbal Sugar has a glycemic index less than 50. This remarkable achievement was possible by refining cane sugar with a proprietary mix of organic and natural ingredients such as Fenugreek, Cinnamon, Gooseberry, Black Pepper, Turmeric, Ginger and Pomegranate. This significantly reduced the glycemic index of cane sugar from 65 to 44.4 making it diabetic friendly. Using Diabliss Herbal Sugar, diabetics have reduced instances of high blood sugar and reduced obesity as well.

Diabliss Herbal Sugar is not an artificial sweetener as it is made from cane sugar. Artificial sweeteners are harmful to the body and have a bitter chemical taste. Food made from Diabliss Herbal Sugar has a natural and organic taste because it is cane sugar at the end of the day. This is the reason why diabetics have enjoyed the best sugarfree food made from Diabliss Herbal Sugar and remarked that it tastes just like regular sugar.

Diabliss Herbal Sugar is clinically tested by independent bodies to confirm that it is safe for consumption for diabetics and prediabetics. The sugar is low in glycemic index and is reported to keep blood sugar levels intact. After consuming this natural sweetener, diabetics experienced great short-term and long-term results. Some of them even saw a reduction in their HbA1c levels by as much as 40% in just 6 months. Many reduced dependence on the medication by as much as 50% (though it is not meant to substitute medication). GHS safety regulation has given it a category 5 rating which is the highest benchmark of safety; the product is also FSSAI certified.

Diabliss Herbal Sugarfree Combo :

Diabliss Herbal Healthy Delights -Friendly Mixed Fruit Jam 

  • Diabliss Mixed Fruit Jam(250g) is made from fresh, organic fruits such as tropical mangoes, papayas, pineapples, bananas, apples, grapes, and citric oranges. Diabliss’ Herbal Sugar is used in this jam to provide the sweet taste – it is the world’s 1st low glycemic index sweetener made from natural ingredients and herbal extracts. The combination produces a jam that has a yummy, fruity taste and spreads evenly on bread and rotis. The jam is perfect for diabetics, prediabetics, and health-conscious individuals.

Diabliss Herbal Healthy Delights Benefits:

  • Mixed Fruit Jam(250g) are to help manage sugar levels, lower cholesterol and fat, improve digestion and help manage diabetes.Barnyard millets have high quantities of calcium and phosphorous that may help in building bones and reduce bone-related diseases.
  • The herbal extract used in Diabliss diabetic jam is made from several herbs and spices such as black pepper, turmeric, fenugreek, ginger, pomegranate, and gooseberry.  Foods rich in anti-oxidants help strengthen the immune system and also prevent the onset of heart disease and cancer.

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