Pimple & Acne (Facial Care) – 45 day Course
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Pimple & Acne (Facial Care) – 45 day Course


Ayurveda is considered to be more effective than other forms of traditional treatments for a Pimple & Acne. Studies have proven that this form of treatment is more effective in getting rid of Pimple & Acne than other methods.

This is a 45-day course consisting of 3 different ayurvedic formulations – Subala Syrup, Vadana Shobha cream and Surabhi syrup.

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B.V Pundit Ayurvedic Skin Care Surabhi
2 × Surabhi - 500 ml
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SUBALA (Proprietary): This is an efficient and palatable substitute for all unhealthy drinks like coffee, tea, cocoa, etc. It is specially useful as a delightful summer drink. This is recommended as a blood purifier in cases of itch dermatitis eczema, boils, pimples, scaly or blotchy skin, and secondary sypilitic eruptions.

Direction of Use : Syrup may be diluted 1:3 or 1:4 and consumed with either milk or water, warm or cold.

Dose: 12 ml in 50 ml water/milk twice daily.

Note: Syrup not to be consumed by Diabetics.

VADANA SHOBHA (Proprietary): is effective in acne, pimples, black heads, boils, freckles and such other disfiguring affections of the facial skin. It makes the skin soft and supple and improves the complexion of the face. In long standing facial skin complaints it is beneficial to use Surabhi internally in addition to this external application.

Dose : Mild application on the pimples.

SURABHI (Proprietary): is an effective remedy for itch, eczema, boils, acne, secondary syphilitic eruptions, gummata, syphilitic or gonorrheal arthritis, excessive heat in the system, burning micturition etc. Routinely used it acts as a prophylactic against smallpox, erysipelas, measles etc., and proves to be a nervine tonic.

Dose : 12 ml twice daily after food.


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