Lohasava for Iron Deficiency Anaemia
Lohasava- 200 ml
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Lohasava- 200 ml


(B. R. Pandurogadhikara – Modified)
Chief ingredients: Draksha (Grapes), Haritaki, Vibhitaki. Kasisa, Trikatu.

Useful for treatment of Iron Deficiency Anaemia (anemia). Also helps in restoring faulty functioning of Liver.

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Lohasava for Iron Deficiency Anaemia is the best remedy for Iron Deficiency Anaemia. It is also useful in chronic fevers and diarrhoea caused due to faulty functioning of liver.

Your body needs iron to make hemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells that enables them to carry oxygen around the body. If your body doesn’t have enough hemoglobin, tissues and muscles won’t get enough oxygen to be able to work effectively. This leads to a condition called Anaemia or Anemia.

Faulty functioning of liver could also lead to Anaemia.

Although there are different types of anaemia, iron deficiency anaemia is the most common worldwide.

Symptoms of low Iron in your body, amongst others, could include unusual tiredness, loss of concentration, paleness in the lower eye lids, headache and dizziness, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, dry hair and skin etc.

Explanation of the chief ingredients of Lohasava for Iron Deficiency Anaemia are given below:

Haritaki: Also called Harad (Hindi), Kadukkai (Tamil), Karakkaya (Telugu), Haritaki (Bengali).

Haritaki is a tree native to South Asia and India. The dried fruit from this tree is extensively used in Ayurvedic remedies because of its potent qualities. It is said to support the Vata dosha and is one of three dried fruits that make up Triphala formulation. It is rich in vitamin C and is considered to have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

Vibhitaki: Also called Bhaira or Bibhitaki. It is very useful in dealing with gastric problems; keeps the digestive track clear and allows it to function at optimum levels. It is one of the three major components of Triphala.

Kasisa: Kasisa is an important iron-containing mineral drug of Ayurvedic Rasa Shastra and is employed for various therapeutic uses in treatment of Anaemia, hair growth modulation, Eye Disorders, Skin Disorders, etc.

Trikatu: ‘Trikatu’ is an Ayurvedic preparation containing black pepper, long pepper and ginger, which is prescribed routinely for a variety of diseases as part of a multi-drug prescription. It has been found to be useful in treating digestive anomalies, respiratory issues, inflammatory conditions, liver disturbances, various infections, sexual and reproductive oddities, hypercholesteremia, sluggish metabolism, and obesity.

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