Neck and Head Support
Neck and Head Support (For Cars and High Back Chair)
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Neck and Head Support (For Cars and High Back Chair)


Whiplash injury incase of accident support ” Neck Support – Neck and Head”

Manufactured from vibration and energy absorbing, polyurethane foam with spring steel wire frame

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Have a world class neck support while you are driving or browsing.

Most vehicle seats and workstation or home chairs don’t provide any support for neck and shoulders.
This posture-correcting and safety neck support provides  Supports to the upper-back, neck and head to keep your spine in natural curve.

” TRANSVAL NECK SUPPORT ” reduces neck and head gap between body and car seat or work chair.  It is anatomically designed, fits snugly into the curve of your neck with extra support to head near it centre of gravity.

Ergonomic design for Proper alignment of the head, neck and body allows the lungs to expand for better breathing.

Manufactured from polyurethane foam

Have you ever felt like placing a rolled towel behind the neck while driving or browsing

” TRANSVAL NECK SUPPORT ” is like having an extra firm cylindrical roll that supports the neck and shoulders.

  1. Provides correct posture for driving and browsing
  2. Ergonomic design encourages a relaxed sitting posture relieves and prevents low back-pain, shoulder, and neck pain.  Reduces tension and fatigue.
  3. Whiplash injury protection from a car accident.  Also protects its user against cervical spine injury following rear impact collision.
  4. Reduces severity of accidental neck injury.
  5. Improves driving comfort.
  6. It can be fitted to Car seat, Executive (High Back) Chairs.
  7. Cover of knitted cloth provides extra comfort and air circulation
How to use
Reduces muscle exertion of neck, shoulder and back.

Adjustable heavy-duty elastic and Velcro strap for installation attaches this unique support to your car’s headrest.  Suitable for most cars, vans, jeeps & Executive (High Back) Chair.

Who can Use?
A must for long and continuous drive,
A must for long and continious hours at computing

This simple appliance makes driving more comfortable especially on long trips and saves you from stiff neck while computing.

Also can be used on your lawn chair or rocking chair for added comfort as neck support or lumbar support.
For Individuals who suffer stiff neck after driving or travelling in cars,
For Individuals who suffer stiff neck and shoulder pain after long hours at computer or workstation,
For Individuals who suffer from a blow or injury to the neck ( whiplash )
For Individuals who have unresolved neck pain.

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