Sorghum Flour (500 Gm)
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Sorghum Flour (500 Gm)


Sorghum or Great Millet [Sorghum bicolor) is known as jowar in Hindi, jola in Kannada. Sorghum is an ancient cereal grain and was collected 8000 years ago in Southern Egypt. It was domesticated in Ethiopia and Sudan and from there spread throughout Africa. 

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Sorghum also has a rich tradition in India, and is believed to have cultivated since 3rd or 4th millennia BCE. It then continued to be disbursed along the silk trade routes, and most probably arrived in the Americas with slave traders from Africa in the 19th century.

Certain types of sorghum grain are rich in antioxidants, which may help lower risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and some neurological diseases.

Sorghum grain is packed full of the nutrients needed to stay healthy – protein provides building blocks for bone, muscle, skin and enzyme development; Iron strengthens the immune system and oxygen-carrying capacity in the blood; Vitamin B6 synthesizes antibodies and enhances nerve function; Niacin improves blood circulation; Magnesium aids in calcium absorption and body temperature regulation with Phosphorus helps form healthy bones.


Gluten free; Improves Digestive Health; Improves Bone Health

Remedy for

Diabetes, Gluten Allergy

Nutritional Values ( Per 100 gm)

Protein – 11.1 gm

Fat – 3.6 gm

Minerals – 1.5 gm

Dietary Fibre – 2.7 gm

Carbohydrates – 66.2 gm

Energy – 342 kcal

Calcium – 10 mg

Phosphorus – 348 mg

Iron – 2.3 mg

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