Normalife 100% Natural Goat Milk Powder
Supreem Super Foods Normalife™ 100% Natural Goat Milk Powder 100gm
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Supreem Super Foods Normalife™ 100% Natural Goat Milk Powder 100gm


  • This Goat Milk powder is 100% natural and pure
  • Goat milk is naturally probiotic and simpler to digest
  • It is rich in Selenium (helps increase blood platelet count and strengthens bones)
  • Causes less milk allergies
  • Promotes better heart health
  • This 100% Natural Goat Milk Powder is brought to you by Supreem Super Foods’ NormaLife range of products
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Normalife™ 100% Natural Goat Milk Powder

What distinguishes goat milk from other forms of milk is its thickness and creaminess. It has numerous health benefits too. For example, it is easier to digest, has less risk of causing milk allergies, and promotes better heart health.

Benefits of 100% Natural Goat Milk Powder:

  • It keeps skin looking good. Natural and shiny
  • Promotes a Healthy Weight Gain
  • Goat Milk is probiotic in nature and hence easier to Digest
  • Prevents milk allergies, especially in kids
  • Prevents Arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries that restricts the blood flow to and from the heart)
  • Goat Milk is rich in Selenium, which helps in improving blood platelet count
  • Prevents insulin resistance
  • Helps reduce cholesterol levels
  • Prevents anaemia
  • Rich in Minerals and Nutrition, High content of Vitamin A
  • Improves Bone Strength

Storage Instructions:

Store in a cool & dry place, away from direct sunlight, Once opened. consume within 30 days.

Directions for Use:

Dissolve 1 gm of Goat Milk Powder in 9 ml of water. Stir well to form a pasty mass, dilute with warm or hot water to make a 10% milk solution.

Cow Milk Vs Goat Milk


Goat milk is slightly sweeter than cow milk. But, it depends on the different processing, packaging, and pasteurisation techniques. Its distinct delicacy flavours make it a preference for goat milk products.


Goats convert the Carotene in their diet to vitamin A more efficiently. As a result, milk, cream, and butter produced by goat milk are whiter. During its processing, the colour of cheese made by goat milk gets a classic yellow hue. 


Milk produced by five to ten goats equals the milk produced by one cow. Fat globules in the goat milk remain suspended instead of staying on the top. Therefore, a cream separator is required to extract its cream.


The smaller fat globules in goat milk lead to a smaller and softer curd. That is because it enables digestive enzymes to break it down more rapidly. It also has higher levels of short and medium-chain fatty acids. As a result, it renders a faster and easier digestion process.

Lactose Tolerance

The presence of sugar in milk is called lactose. Lactose intolerance causes mild to extreme discomfort. Goat milk has less lactose than cow milk, making it a better option for people with mild lactose sensitivities.


Alpha S-1 Casein commonly causes milk allergy. It is a physical reaction to one or more of the proteins within the milk. However, there have been cases where people allergic to cow milk have tolerated raw goat milk as a substitute.

Country of origin: India

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