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    HealthAid Glucobate

    HealthAid Glucobate – 60 Tablets

    GlucoBate tablets may be beneficial to:

    • Those who wish to maintain healthy blood glucose levels
    • Those who experience sugar cravings
    • People with low energy, tiredness and fatigue
    • Individuals who wish to loose weight healthily
    HealthAid Collagen Powder with Stevia

    HealthAid Collagen Powder with Stevia (Cranberry Flavour)

    Collagen is the most abundant protein found in almost 90% of the body’s cells and provides structural support to skin, muscles and connective tissue. Collagen is often called the body’s scaffolding.

    As you age beyond 20, production of Collagen reduces with every passing year, making cells in the skin, muscles, gut, cartilages age faster. Collagen can help restore it.

    Suitable for pre-diabetics and diabetics.

    Minty chocolate protein powder

    Vegan Minty chocolate protein powder

    One Good Pure Plant Minty chocolate protein powder delivers 27gm of nutritionally superior plant-based protein, along with 13.5gm of EAAs and 6.2gm of BCAAs per serving. We’ve designed this unique Pure Plant based Minty chocolate flavoured protein powder blend of pea, brown rice and mung bean protein to work with your daily routine.  Our delicious […]

    Ezee Lite Manual Foldable Wheelchair

    Ezee Plus Manual Powder Coated Foldable Wheelchair

    This is a self-propelled manual chair designed for the disabled, elderly people or patients and makes their life easy.

    • Frame Colour Options – Black, Silver, Maroon, Neon, Orange and Light Green

    • Fixed Arm-rest & Removable Adjustable Footrest

    • Frame: 1.2 MM Thickness

    • 22” Rear Mag Wheels

    • Weight Bearing Capacity: 100 Kgs

    • 18″ seat width

    • Epoxy powder coating

    • Nylon Washable Upholstery

    • File Carrying Pocket at Back side

    • Indian Approved Certificate – CE / TSN / ISO 9001/ MADE IN INDIA

    Super Seni Breathable Adult Diapers

    Seni Breathable Adult Diapers For Men & Women – (10 pc)

    Breathable all-in-one adult diapers are recommended for bedridden patients with moderate to heavy incontinence.

    • Extra Small Size Suitable Also For Children With Incontinence.
    • The essential feature of Seni products is 100% breathability.
    • Free air circulation significantly lowers the risk of chafes, skin irritations and bedsores prone to develop especially in bedridden patients. 
    • Flexi 360° – the system of optimal adjustment to the body: double elastic combi-tapes and elastic waist band ensure the freedom of movements and no pressure on the skin
    • Double absorbent core provides high absorbency and feeling of dryness
    • Fit & Dry – more anatomical shape, narrower absorbent core and body – closer fit guarantee more discretion, comfort and greater feeling of dryness
    • Side standing gathers made of a hydrophobic non-woven keep the moisture inside and prevent from side leakages
    • Wetness indicator – an easy & convenient way to check when a diaper should be changed – there is no need to open a product and disturb a patient to see if a diaper is soaked
    Seni Care Wet Wipes (XXL) 80 Count

    Seni Care Wet Wipes (XXL) – 80 Count

    Seni Care Wet Wipes are bath tissues made for skin cleansing without the usage of water.

    • Made for effective skin cleansing without the usage of water to maintain healthy and clean hygiene
    • Ideal for bedridden persons with incontinence, perfect to wipe the skin when changing a diaper
    • Contains Vitamin E and Allantoin
    • One wipe is enough to clean and moisturise the whole body
    • Gently cleanses and moisturises the skin.
    • Easy to carry. Convenient during travel
    Biotin Conditioner with Keratin & Collagen

    Biotin Conditioner with Keratin & Collagen

    • HealthAid Biotin Conditioner has a nutrient-rich formula that includes ingredients such as Saw Palmetto Oil, Beeswax and Nutricert a patented ingredient along with the Keratin & Collagen that bring damaged and dry hair back to life.

    • It is also infused with Keratin for straighter & smoother hair.

    • The Conditioner helps enhance the appearance by improving the shine, colour, texture and by minimizing breakage, split ends, and frizzy hair. As a result, your hair becomes thicker, softer, and shinier.

    Biotin Shampoo with Keratin & Collagen

    Biotin Shampoo with Keratin & Collagen

    • HealthAid Biotin Shampoo with Keratin & Collagen gives the hair strands a thickening boost, increasing the volume into fuller and more abundant-looking hair. It is ideal for all hair types for men, women and children of all ages
    • It also contains Vitamin B7 Biotin, Vitamin B5, Collagen, Keratin, Aquaxyl and TroyCare which give a beautiful and healthy boost to thin and flat hair.

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